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We partner with Ministries of Education to promote policy change, curriculum development, and teacher training. Together, we tackle basic education and child development needs.  Our work focuses on four development impact areas: basic education and child development, health promotion and disease prevention, conflict resolution and peace education, and community development.  We do this through three key activities:

1. Resource Development

Right To Play designs and develops program resources (specially-designed material that uses sport and play as a tool for learning). Our expert educators and experienced trainers put our programs into practice as they:

  • Promote experiential learning and holistic development using sport and play, games and activities;
  • Emphasize the Reflect-Connect-Apply learning methodology, which allows learners to examine their experiences, relate those experiences to what they already know, and apply the learning in their daily lives;
  • Promote inclusion of children who may be marginalized for reasons of gender, religion, ability, ethnicity, disability, or social background.

These resources include a Trainer’s Manual for the training of Leaders/Coaches and a Leader’s Manual which focuses on teaching and learning strategies, games and activities for children and youth.

2. Training

We make participatory training workshops possible for Right To Play’s activities and resources. Workshops are practical, interactive and designed to support staff and volunteers in their roles within the organization.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

We systematically gather and examine information from all project locations for the purpose of improving project planning, resources and program delivery.

We recently made a couple of our resources available to download for free. Please click on the image below to receive your copy.