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Our programs are facilitated by more than 13,500 volunteer Coaches.  Coaches are local leaders and teachers who are trained in our specially designed programming. They implement the programs based on the needs of their communities.  We also encourage leadership at all ages by providing youth with unique opportunities.  Known as Junior Leaders, these youth become empowered through participating in Right To Play programs.  Here are just a few of their many stories.

“After implementing the comprehensive Life Skill Development Program, I have obviously seen progress in students' behaviours, which are elements of life skills.Teachers also accepted that life skill based education is important and correspond to the key performance indicators. As for my expectation, I expect every teacher to be able to manage the life skill based learning for every academic subject as well as school activity. I would like to have the systematic evaluation and exchange amongst schools that join the program.”

Sakorn Klaitae, School Director
Phayuha Sueksakhan School

“Nowadays life skills become essential ability that must be taught to children because the world is becoming more complex. In 2015, our country will join ASEAN community. Cultural diversity might be a factor making the society more difficult to live in, so life skills are necessary. When I got to know Right To Play, I learned new method that combined play and learning together. Play for learning is good and natural. It helps boosting skills. Playing does not waste time, and it is not out of the curriculum. Life skill learning is different from other academic subjects, such as Math, Thai language and Sciences, which children's ability can be clearly evaluated by their answers. Nevertheless, life skills can be evaluated when children face real situations and cope with them. Everyone in Nakornsawan Educational Service Area Office 1 is now recognizing the significance of life skills and more teachers also apply them in class.”

Kamolmarn Saengthamrong, Educational Supervisor
Nakornsawan Primary Educational Service Area Office 1


"I apply the Reflect-Connect-Apply (RCA) question technique, learnt from Right To Play, into English teaching. Students can explain the meaning of activities they do. Furthermore, vocabulary learning technique, listening and following, is also used too. With this technique, students can improve listening skill and speaking skill at the same time. Language game means a lot to student-centered learning. Teacher only designs and facilitates the activity. As a result, students gain sustainable knowledge because they have a chance to practice and apply. They have fun, learn to work as a team, learn to follow the rules, learn to listen and speak with manners and respect people's opinions. All of these skills lead to students' life skills development.”

Siriporn Kuikratok, Teacher
Prayaprasert Soontrasai School, Bangkok

"About life skills, the improvement in emotional control is obviously seen. Students, who once with aggressive behaviours, turned to have more sympathy. Quarrels amongst students in the class also resolved. This is because they have a chance to do activities together, so they value each other. I am now teaching grade 6 students. All of them behave well, study hard, have responsibility and be good role models for other students. One cause of this outcome is the class activities they have done continuously since they were in grade 4. The academic progress and personal development of students in this class are very impressive. Thank you Right To Play for the good technique and activity.”

Juthatip Sae-Tang, Teacher
Tha Chat Chai School, Phuket Province


“Right To Play Thailand Foundation has coordinated with Phuket Primary Educational Service Area Office to give knowledge about life skill development through the comprehensive learning activity, which emphasize on teacher training and student-centered teaching. Right To Play has vision, intention and dedication to efficiently enchance life skills of students and teachers in Phuket Primary Educational Service Area. By arranging the group based activities which are enjoyable, students gain knowledge and awareness. They develop their life skills in 4 elements, according to the guideline of the Office of Basic Education Commission. Students are developed physically and mentally, and be great youth of the country. Moreover teachers also understand how to arrange the activity.”

Chaiyut Inritthipong
Deputy Director of Phuket Primary Educational Service Area Office